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Marchesini’s experience and know how also includes Off Road. Introducing the new Rock wheels conceived specifically for Cross, characterised by substantial technical content that aims at improving and implementing the traditional architecture of traditional spoked wheels.
Free of the connection bead between the spoke and wheel, Rock wheels provide a significant reduction in weight in the peripheral area: this is an important technological innovation that is immediately noticeable with the bike’s high level of responsiveness.
The hub is billet and the spokes are straight and much more resistant: because of this it was possible to reduce them from 36 to 32. Also, thanks to the anti-slackening system that allows perfect coupling of spoke and rim, with the new Marchesini Cross wheels spoke closing adjustment is no longer necessary.
Fans can rest easy; Off Road now has its own Marchesini wheel.

Material Billet Aluminium Hub
Front Dimension 1,60x21”
Rear Dimension 2,15x18” - 1,85x19” - 2,15x19”
Antislip Treatment Front/Rear X
Front/Rear Valve Type X
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty): X
HUB colours Anodized Black, Anodized Red, Anodized Orange, Anodized Blu, Anodized Green
RIM colours Black, Silver

Brembo in short

Marchesini Rock wheels spokes tightening guide

The tightening of Marchesini Rock wheel spokes: an operation as simple as important to get the most out of their cross bikes. Here’s a tutorial for the correct maintenance of Marchesini Rock wheels: the operations to perform on the wheels and avoid the mistakes.

The origins of the legend

Light weight, performance and design.

Founded in 1988, this producer of high performance wheel rims for motorbikes became, in the twinkling of an eye, the world’s most famous name for racing and street wheels.