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40 mm Radial Billet Caliper

Product code: XA1.K4.80


Radial caliper in two pieces made entirely from billet. This machining, which uses sophisticated numerically controlled equipment, provides maximum stiffness and lightweight values which are reflected in its excellent performance. In an off road setting this caliper represents the very best available on the market today.
The caliper body houses four 26 and 28 mm diameter pistons which allow excellent braking performance. The exceptional stiffness of the caliper body is also due to the characteristic triple bridge shape.
Conceived for Cross and Enduro, this caliper is the result of sophisticated “topological optimisation” calculation software which, thanks to an iteration process, allows material to be removed from the areas of the caliper where it is not needed in order to come as close as possible to the optimum structure, expertly combining maximum stiffness with maximum lightness.
This caliper was successfully used by Stefan Everts, winner of 10 World Championships and 101 Grand Prix competitions at the beginning of the new millennium astride both Yamaha and KTM.
This Component is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively in racing competitions and, therefore, the product shall be installed  through specific adaptors not included in the packaging of the component and by highly qualified and competent professionals working in the “racing” field. Please contact our distributor for any further clarification.

Position FRONT
Caliper Body 2-PIECES   
Ø Pistons mm 26-28
Pistons Q.ty 4
Disc height mm         25
Material Billet aluminium
Surface protection Hard anodized
Piston material Titanium
Weight w/o pads (gr) 485
Mounted pads included No
Offset (mm) 20,8
Note Specific for MX

Brembo in short

Brembo off road brake calipers

Brembo brake calipers for Off Road: reduction in weight and greater stiffness for maximum braking control in off road riding.

The origins of the legend

Machining from the solid

Thanks to its DNA, based on a leaning towards innovation and the search for new challenges to be overcome, Brembo was the first company to produce a brake caliper body machined from the solid.