1989. Marchesini cast magnesium front wheel.

Light weight, performance and design

Founded in 1988, this producer of high performance wheel rims for motorbikes became, in the twinkling of an eye, the world’s most famous name for racing and street wheels.

The weight of lightness: motorcyclists know it well. And if we’re talking specifically about the wheels of a motorbike, every fan is fully aware that maximum stiffness plus reduced weight equals better performance.

So it’s natural that the entire Marchesini wheel production process and every related task focus primarily on the search for the utmost lightness.

First and foremost, the choice of materials: Marchesini uses only alloys forged in magnesium and aluminium for its rims. Then the design which, it both aesthetic and technical terms, aims consistently to reduce the weight. Lightness is undoubtedly the final goal, even when it comes to details. Like the painting, done with the liquid method to make the wheel even lighter and produce a better appearance.

In short, lighter wheels mean a motorbike with higher performance levels; it’s more reactive, so it’s more fun to ride.

1989. Marchesini 10 spoke forged magnesium front wheel.

1989. Marchesini 7 spoke forged magnesium front wheel.

The search for top performance is an indelible part of the Marchesini DNA. It’s natural, therefore, that all the company’s work focuses on providing amazing thrills for riders who choose its products.

From lightness to performance, it’s but a short step. In fact the wheels, plus their tyres, are the most important unsuspended rotating masses of a motorbike. Making them more lightweight means obtaining a series of advantages which, in turn, are the key to top class performance levels.

First of all, under hard braking. In this situation, the brakes have to act on a lesser weight so, of course, they’re more efficient. Then there’s manoeuvrability: reducing the gyroscopic effect, the motorbike changes direction more easily. And, last but not least, the maximum speed and acceleration also feel the benefit of the improved lightness and excellent stiffness of Marchesini rims.

And finally, design. The choice of Marchesini wheels is above all a question of style.
For all lovers of two wheels, the design of the Marchesini rims is uniquely distinctive. A true timeless classic is the 10-spoke wheel with the unmistakable Y-design. These are the best-loved wheels for fans of every age and motorcycling culture - a real evergreen that has made Marchesini famous the world over.

The Marchesini creativity and genius is always on the lookout for new solutions. Hence the innovative and top-performing 7-spoke wheel: designed for competitions, it’s a powerhouse of technology and pure performance with a modern, aggressive look.

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